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Camper Van Aiden



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Kid's Concept 
Hop into Camper Van AIDEN, crafted from eco-friendly, wood certified by FSC. Embrace its versatile features like a rooftop solar panel turned beach and a back door that becomes a sunset-viewing sun terrace. Join the journey of globetrotting duo Joel and Saga as they transform their old pickup into a vibrant, rolling oasis. Let your imagination run wild with this van that can take you anywhere, following their motto of "look towards the sun and leave the shadows behind!"


Contains: 10 parts
Color: Multi 
Size: 22.5 x 11 x 13cm
Material: Camper van: Pine, plywood. Surfboard: Plywood. Wheels, chair, table, people, back, grill: Schima. Axle: Stainless steel. String: Polypropylene.