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NAILMATIC LAB DIY Nail Polish Kit for Adults - Metallic



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DIY Kit to create vegan and cruelty pink nail polish colors
You can never go wrong with a pink nail polish. Pale nude pink for an elegant and discrete manicure, or fuchsia for sparkling hands, just go for it! So all we want is pink: from soft pastel to candy, create your own colours on fleek. This DIY kit provides everything you need to make 5 nail polishes.

DIY Kit to create metallic nail polish colours. 
With nailmatic LAB on your side, you're all set to make your dream custom polishes!  All you need is inside: 
- 5 liquid pigments and pearls (Black, Gold, Silver, Orange, Pearly blue)
- 5 pre-filled transparent mixing bases (plant-based of course!)
- 10 pipettes for great measure  
- 5 labels to name your nail polishes
- 1 booklet with 20 recipes. 

Forget about weighing ingredients: with our liquid pigments, all you need is our pipettes! It could not be easier! 

Recipes teaser: here’s what you can create, among other fantastic glossy colours…
1 shade gold: L304
1 shade of silver: L311
1 shade of blue silver: L310
Lots of recipes are available on our website, along with tips and tutorials! 

DIY and 84% Plant-based nail polish 
The nail polishes you’re about to create will shine just like any other classic polish and stay on for 5 days. 

10-free formula: no nasty chemical solvents! Instead, we use renewable and natural origin ingredients (84%), that’s what Green chemistry is about. Our solvents are made with corn, wheat, corn, cotton, manioc and potato. 

This DIY set has been designed for adults only. 
For little ones aged 7 and over, Nail Polish Colour Maker is the best option.  

All made in France