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Mosaic Puzzle Box



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Kids Concept  
Somewhat a free mosaic puzzle - create or “draw” whatever you want. You can shape a flower, design a nice abstract pattern, build maybe a bicycle? Activities like this - when you just create without performing can be nice activity if you want to calm down and just want to relax. The good thing is that nothing is wrong or right. The set Includes 96 different shaped wooden pieces and 15 printed paper cardboards with different motifs on them. You can copy the card to practice spatial skills or get a some more ideas out from them. It can stimulate fantasy and coordination and can increase your focus. You may want to draw the pattern you just made on the other side of the card that is blank. 

Size: Card: 8x8cm
Color: nature, Multi 
Number of parts: 113 
Material: Box: pine, plywood Lid: plywood Round pieces: schima Semicircle pieces: MDF Other pieces: pine, plywood
Water based color