CINQPOINTS - Babel Archetype Jenga Tower

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Babel tower is an agility game based on the Jenga rule.
It is an architectural interpretation of this famous wooden game and also a reference to Babel tower which the top has to lead people to sky. This board game calls agility and reflexion. Players remove pieces one by one of the tower to replace it at the top until it falls down. An other way to use this game is to construct in different free ways buildings, like an architect or reproduce projects from Basel famous architects Herzog & De Meuron or Sou Fujimoto. The iconic shape (little houses) and sobriety of pieces make from it an intergenerational and decorative object : kids and parents will find senses according to their age. Soft to the touch, blocks are made by hand in lime wood which the natural drying keeps this light color. Made carefully in Europe in an artisanal way.


27 pieces
1 piece: 3x 2,5 x 7,5 cm, 
Packaging: 8 x 8 x 27 cm




Untreated lime wood.
Wood from sustainable managed forests (PECF)

Designed in France and made artisanal in Europe.

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