Lala La!! Here we are again!


Well it certainly has been quite some time since our last Blogpost but apparently we needed this exciting news to get started again.
So here we go: - Gray Label Hoodie & Sweater - MÓii Pants - Booso Beanie - MÓi Pants & L/s(scarf) - Gray Label Hoodie & Sweater - Booso Beanie


Beanie & Bow - Hooded Sweater & Ribless Sweater - Beanie Gray Label - Sweater - Beanie Gray Label - Sweater - Beanie Gray Label - Sweater


We are over the moon to tell you that we started a collaboration with Lala La Photo – the creative minds behind this are Krystyna Dul & Keven Erickson the sweetest people on top of beeing amazing photographers.


° Krystyna is a photographer from Poland and has a background in journalism, photo reportage, portrait, children and family photography.


° Keven is a photographer from Luxembourg, he studied photography in the UK, for 6 years he was living and working as photographer in London. He has a background in portrait photography, photo reportage, children and family photography and digital retouching.


If you are looking  for a real good photographer Duo you should definitely check out their WebsiteBlog or Facebook page.


So voilà!  Here some awesome shots with brands like:  BOOSOGRAY LABELMÓINUNUNU & POPUPSHOP.
Girly and cool looking at the same time, perfect for little rebels on an autumn day! We are in love!

(All modeled by sweet little Wina from Luxembourg taken at the beach in the Netherlands.)

Photo credits – Lala La Photo
Styling – beetles & bugs

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